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IBM support

We provide custom IBM support for your IBM hardware. Infradax offers a flexible and affordable alternative to traditional OEM support. Based on your operational requirements and needs, we create a custom support contract. You have several options when it comes to choosing your contract. You have the choice between 24/7 support and 9/5 Next Business Day support. Our consultants and engineers specialize in servers, storage and networking hardware from IBM.

Benefits of IBM support at Infradax

  • Lower costs than traditional OEM support;
  • Flexible and custom support contracts;
  • Choice between 24/7 and 9/5 Next Business Day support;
  • For storage, servers and networking hardware;
  • Extend your IT life cycle;
  • Specialized engineers and consultants.

Service levels support contract

An IBM support contract is created based on your needs, so it perfectly suits your IT infrastructure. With the support of Infradax, you ensure an available IT environment with complete control over the security of all business processes. As a basis, we take on one of the three support levels. These are as follows:

  • Infradax Platinum – 24/7 full support;
  • Infradax Gold – 9/5 Next Business Day On-site Support;
  • Infradax Silver – 9/5 Next Business Day spare part on-site support.

Request a quote for IBM support

Request an IBM support contract for your IT environment? Please contact us and you will receive expert advice and an affordable quote.


Get in touch for more information regarding our IBM support services.

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