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IT Lifecycle

With the IT Life Cycle services, we provide you with greater flexibility, better service and a lower TCO.



Infradax limits complexity and dependency within IT environments, where circularity and the optimal use of existing resources are always central.



You want to make the best possible use of your IT resources. Makes sense, but in reality it doesn’t always happen.

We apply a circular approach. From advice to recycling and back again. Your current situation is always our starting point. We have done it this way ever since we were founded. This has benefits for you: less difficult, greater flexibility and a lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

We help you with your IT infrastructure in a circular way. First, we take a good look at your environment and together decide on the best choice. Sometimes it might be ‘new’, but this is not always the case. Smarter use of the current environment is also possible. A customised design is followed by the supply of hardware and software. Whether new or refurbished, they always come with a full warranty. We then take care of the installation. As a whole, we call this the IT Life Cycle.


Our partnership is long-lasting. Because, we also look at how we can extend your IT Life Cycle. For example, we support you in expanding or reducing the size of your IT environment. Besides, we offer hardware support through a variety of flexible contracts, like the optional 24/7 support. We are happy to continue providing you with support when vendors are no longer willing to do so, due to the age of the products.

Is the hardware in your company at the end of its life? In that case, we’ll buy it. Through us, you receive the maximum residual value. We take care of the planning and organisation involved, and disconnect all equipment. We arrange official data destruction that complies with the GDPR. Finally, we close the circle by ensuring that products are recycled.

In this way, you contribute as a company to the circular economy and greater sustainability with no extra time investment or hassle.

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