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Business services

Your data secure and IT always available. You can then always continue to innovate.


Whether you have ten or perhaps more than a thousand workstations, you are bound to have IT challenges.

We’d be willing to bet that security is one of those challenges. What’s the best way to protect data against a cyber-attack or other disaster? How can you move on as quickly as possible afterwards? We answer these questions for you. We look at how you have arranged everything and what could be improved. We challenge you, with a keen eye. Our technical specialists can contribute ideas on all points. Your needs are the most important.

This is how we work on other challenges too. Availability, for example. You want to be operational at all times, because every minute of downtime costs you money. We ensure that your foundation is in order to ensure continuity.

This is possible with managed services. IT requirements are increasing, but you also want fewer worries. You are looking for someone who can take care of things for you and make sure that your IT simply works. With managed services, we manage your workstations and data centre. Your IT people are in control. We take care of the necessary security, availability and updates.

It is obvious that good workstations are important. You want hardware that performs. Video calls without problems, wherever you are. As a modern workplace specialist, we make sure that everything works and that your IT team understands how we do that.

We would also be happy to help you find the right cloud and hosting strategy. We can use our own data centre or the public cloud to enable you to take advantage of the benefits. But sometimes ‘on site’ is the most logical choice for an application or document. Hybrid combinations then emerge, allowing you to benefit from the best of both worlds. Together with you, we look for the right overall solution.

Have you ever thought about data analytics or artificial intelligence? It may sound new to you, but it is more important than you think. In business services, there is a need to innovate in IT. For example, by converting data into useful business information so that you can improve processes or respond more quickly to developments in the market. Here, too, our specialists are at your service.

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