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Modern workspace

Enabling your employees to work anytime and anywhere in a simple and secure way. That’s the purpose of our modern workplace.

Whether in the office, at a customer’s location, on the train or simply at home, your employees must always be able to do their work. That includes outside regular office hours and on any device. Always just as smoothly and with all options available. And importantly: with the same level of security. That’s why we have our modern workplace.

The modern workplace is an online environment in which your employees have access to everything they need, such as email, files and tools for internal communication.

We build that work environment, tailored to your needs and completely secure. This results in a flexible and more productive organisation. We build that environment by combining the best elements of Microsoft 365 with our knowledge and workplace management. This means that you can enjoy all the benefits worry-free.

We offer the digital workplace in three versions.

Modern Workplace Light

Log on to the necessary systems and applications via the browser from any place and any device.

Modern Workplace Plus

A flexible and scalable solution in which you work in a virtualised environment.

Modern Workplace Premium

You work locally, as usual, but are always connected to the cloud.


An important aspect of a modern workplace is security. As our workplaces are always well secured, you don’t have to worry about an insecure working environment.

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Our technical specialists and business consultants will look with you at where you can make gains. Such a transition takes place step by step. If you wish, we can take over part of the communication with your employees. We prepare your company for the new environment and provide instructions for its first use.

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