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At Infradax we value our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) because it allows us to enact positive change. We choose to do what’s right in various ways. Whether it is by reducing carbon footprints, charitable global giving or stimulating diversity, equity and inclusion. We support our community and provide ways to this together.




It is important to be proud of the results achieved together. Corporate social responsibility comes in many forms. With our buyback program we can support your favorite charities together. On a local level we support positive impact by making donations to our local food bank. Some of the most common practices of CSR within Infradax include reducing carbon footprints, participating in fairtrade, community volunteering and donating to charities. We do this for others, but also for ourselves. After working together you can see a team blossom and grow together. That satisfaction is priceless. This is not only important in the field of IT, we also want to contribute to society and health. Because without healthy people, there is no healthy organization either.


Circular IT

IT Hardware gets a second life at Infradax! Producing a server in 2020 already costs more than 1,280 kg of CO2 emissions, and that doesn’t include putting it into use. This is also equivalent to 5.059 km driving the car. If you were to build 100 servers, you would create a CO2 Footprint that is equal to the CO2 Footprint of 25 people. Then there are issues such as data deletion, responsible transport and responsible disposal of your written-off IT equipment. This is also directly translated as a lot of (extra) work for your IT department. We have the knowledge, experience and certificates to dispose of your IT hardware in accordance with current legislation.


Everyone benefits

In our policy look at the social and economic effects of our business activities on the society. We see that gains can be made in these areas as well. For example, we experience that we have been able to significantly reduce absenteeism due to our committed and supportive personnel policy. Labor productivity has subsequently increased. Better trained staff leads to a higher quality of our end product, which in turn provides a competitive advantage. We want to distinguish ourselves permanently by being innovative and responsible for doing business.

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