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Dell Support

At Infradax, you can close a Dell support contract that meets your IT needs. With our professional support, your IT infrastructure is continuously uptime and you receive instant support in case of emergencies. Because we carry all spare parts and work with expert engineers, we work more efficiently. This is much more affordable than the traditional OEM support.

Benefits of Dell support at Infradax

  • Lower costs than traditional OEM support;
  • Flexible and custom support contracts;
  • Choice of service levels 24/7 and 9/5 Next Business Day support;
  • For storage, servers and networking hardware;
  • Extended your IT life cycle;
  • Expert engineers and consultants.

Hardware Support: 24/7 and 9/5

Together, we create a support contract that meets your specific needs. This way, you’re guaranteed a structural solution for supporting your IT environment, and the hardware will remain available to all clients. Since we act quickly in case of a crash, for example, your business activities are quickly resumed. Because we perform a periodic health check (standard for 24/7 full support), these situations are kept to a minimum. As a starting point for your flexible support contract, we offer one of our service levels:

  • Infradax Platinum – 24/7 critical mission support;
  • Infradax Gold – 9/5 Next Business Day On-site Support;
  • Infradax Silver – 9/5 Next Business Day spare part on-site support.

Request a quote for Dell Support

Custom Dell support is available at Infradax. Request a quote today and get in touch with our IT consultants. Our experts offer a competitively priced quote and advice.


Get in touch for more information regarding our Dell support services.

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