• Data protection
  • Improved RPO and RTO times
  • Continuity for your business
  • Secure and manageable
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Up and running in no time

Critical business data and important applications can easily be protected against calamities thanks to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). This protects organizations against disasters or disruptions via cloud computing and ensures a fast and reliable recovery to the original situation.

Companies protect themselves through insurance, contingency plans and fire drills against the consequences of fire, floods, theft or other disasters. In addition, it is sometimes forgotten that the business apps and data represent the primary processes of the organization. A major power outage, a hack or a virus can therefore have major consequences for the IT infrastructure of an organization. Restoring all data by restoring a recent backup is often more difficult than expected. Disaster Recovery as a Service is a fast, safe and reliable solution.




With DRaaS (also called Disaster Recovery as a Service or DRaaS) an organization has an immediate fallback option in the event of any possible calamity. The important data is continuously replicated and companies can immediately fall back on a recent backup so that work can continue without loss of data. A good DRaaS service is regularly tested and assessed.
DRaaS is a more extensive service than Back-up as a Service. With DRaaS, not only are the data and applications secured and restored, but the computer capacity is also supplied to be up and running again as quickly as possible.




DRaaS has a number of SMART advantages:

  • The service restores the original situation, thus guaranteeing the continuity of the organization;
  • The organization does not have to invest in hardware and software for disaster recovery;
  • A good DRaaS provider has excellent up-to-date knowledge and uses it daily;
  • The data is safely stored in the cloud.




A DRaaS service includes a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), a scenario that can be used in case of calamities. In this plan, precautions are laid down to ensure that the consequences of a calamity have minimal consequences for the company. This is done by preventing calamities or, if that fails, by quickly resuming the vital functions of business operations. A DRP also includes testing and evaluation of the service.

Before you work with a DRaaS provider, it is advisable to check whether your company has a Discovery Disaster Plan and whether you know the financial consequences of various calamities.

Infradax has this service in its portfolio and has the necessary knowledge to implement Disaster Recovery as a Service in your organization. Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about Disaster Recovery as a Service.

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Our cloud backup solution has a number of advantages:

  • Reliability: the backup is made regularly and can be guaranteed to be restored if necessary.
  • Security: the data is stored outside the company, so that it can also be retrieved in the event of a fire or other calamity. Your environment in our data center is also professionally secured and it is entirely “GDPR proof”.
  • Simplicity and speed: the IT department hardly has to worry about making the backup. Moreover, the restore is much faster and easier than with tapes or disks, so our BaaS solution can help you achieve the agreed RTO and RPO times.
  • Flexibility: you are not limited to a fixed amount of storage space. Expanding or limiting the backup space is easy and you only pay for the services and the number of TB that are provided.


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