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  • On and offsite Data Erasure
  • Disc level certificate
  • Direct part replacement
  • Extensive reporting
  • Onsite support
  • Certified software

Your data is safe with us. With the Data Wiping services from Infradax you ensure the correct way of destroying your sensitive business data. Is the data not allowed to leave the building? Then we can also do this at your location (on site) with our Data Wiping Appliance. If we buy your hardware? Then we will ensure that the data is wiped free of charge.




  • Free and standard service when purchasing hardware;
  • Rocking can be done with certified software;
  • On site data wiping possible;
  • Complies with all EU regulations for data wiping;
  • Extensive report and certificate at disc level;
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified.




To comply with current and future European regulations and legislation, we offer Certified Data Wiping using Blancco Software. The customer receives an official report of this, indicating at disk level that the data is 100% erased. The Blancco software we use for it is accredited by, among others, the AIVD, Her Majesty Government (UK) and the American Department of Defense.
You do pay a small additional fee per HDD for erasing with Blancco.




For organizations it is sometimes desirable that the hardware is not allowed to leave the building before the business-sensitive data has been secured. With the Onsite Data Wiping service from Infradax, you reduce the risk of data loss or theft of data and prevent high sanctions or reputation damage for your organization.
Since data protection and privacy is the responsibility of the IT department, many customers choose to have the data erased on location. With our Data Wiping Kit, we can easily get started in any DataCenter. This method can be applied to various storage systems such as. EMC, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP, NetApp, HDS and various SSD suppliers.

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Blancco’s data erasure software is certified and provides verifiable reports. After the hardware has been wiped, a comprehensive report is made that complies with the regulations for data erasure. This also meets the requirements for compliance and legal audits. The reports also contain information about:

  • The condition of the hardware;
  • Relevant serial numbers and product labels;
  • How and by whom the wiping was performed.




If your hardware no longer meets all requirements, we are happy to buy it. This applies to servers, storage and networking. You will receive an attractive offer from us, so that you can invest this money in new hardware. Read more about selling your hardware and our buy back / trade-in services.


Data Wiping


As a hardware buyer, the last thing we want is for your data to end up on the street. When you sell servers or storage to Infradax, we delete all data free of charge. You will receive a notification when the data has been deleted and the hardware has been tested. We do the erasure with certified software, such as Blancco.




Would you like to know more about the data wiping services from Infradax? Then contact us right away and get expert advice from our consultant. They will tell you more about our services and how we can best support you.