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Stop data loss with a smart all-in-one backup and recovery solution

Data loss is about the worst thing that can happen to a business. Due to fire, power failure, a cyber attack or someone clicking on the wrong link, you can lose a lot of valuable data. To protect yourself against this, a good backup strategy is indispensable. In this blog you can read more about how to protect your data in a smart way.

Data protection is a major challenge, as shown by research by Dell EMC. Worldwide, no less than 82 percent of all IT decision-makers experienced unplanned system outages last year. In addition, 35 percent of the respondents lost data. An average loss of about one million dollars. Data loss makes employees less productive, the development of new products and services stagnates, image damage occurs and customers drop out.


Backups to avoid damage


Making backups is one way to prevent data loss. Organizations bring their data out for this purpose: to the cloud or to their own, second data center. They prefer to combine this step with a reduction in costs and management costs. There are all kinds of (technical) solutions available to achieve this. It depends on many factors which is the best choice for your organization.

There is therefore no standard recipe, but there are important questions to answer in advance:

  • How much data loss is acceptable and affordable (RPO)? In other words: do you back up every night, or every hour?
  • How much time can be lost before data is available again (RTO)?
  • Where do I want to store my data? Is that in the Netherlands, or may it also be abroad?
  • Who do I store my data with? With someone who specially reserves space for me or someone who resells files for marketing purposes?
  • Who has access to my data? How do I prevent people from watching against my will? How can I be sure this hasn’t already happened?
  • How do I prevent hackers from locking my data with ransomware?


IDPA total solution for data protection


Dell’s Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) is a total data protection solution. It’s hardware and software in one. You spend little time rolling out and managing. This is because smart software automates daily tasks for management, monitoring and reporting.

The spearhead of the solution is the complete integration of the application landscape. The IDPA protects all your apps, from Office 365 to OneDrive, Oracle and SAP. You do not have to secure these all separately.

The smart software is capable of highly compressing data and deduplicating files. As a result, you can store an enormous amount of data on it. You don’t have to worry about losing the overview, because your art can see exactly where data is located. So if a customer asks you to delete their data, you can always find it.

Cloud integration also ensures that you store data where the price for terabytes is lowest. Especially for organizations with a lot of data that has to be kept for years, this can yield significant savings.


The added value of Infradax


Infradax is a Dell certified organization with extensive experience installing IDPA. We can offer you a proof of concept and advise you in defining your data protection strategy. We can also unburden you with our services, such as Back-up as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

This way you can be sure that your data lands in a safe place. Your data is also quickly available again if things go wrong. In addition, IDPA guarantees low management costs, little rack space, scalability and low storage costs. We help you to place your data outside your building in a safe and responsible manner, without you having to worry about it.

Are you interested in the possibilities for data protection in your organization? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you.

Would you like to know more about data protection?

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