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Backup strategy - four insights for staying safe and prepared

When creating your backup strategy you will take many risk factors into account. That does not mean you will be prepared for every situation. No one in 2019 could have predicted in 2019 the massive in half of the Netherlands would start working from home?

Many companies had the basic facilities to create a home working environment. Despite it was not self-evident that people had to work from home for an unknown period of time. With the arrival of covid-19 and the accompanying measures, digitally working from home was rolled out at a rapid pace. Pragmatic measures have been taken to do this as effectively as possible. In this blog I will tell you how to get a backup solution that you can rely on.


Backup approach for working at home


The advantage of this crisis could well be that the acceptance of working from home is booming and more people than ever before, will be working from home on a regular basis. The disadvantage of working from home is that the risk of attacks or data leaks increases noticeably. Employees are no longer safe behind a firewall in the office, but are suddenly working from all over the Netherlands and can access company data from all over the world. The “attack surface” suddenly becomes many times larger. Having a data protection strategy is more important than ever. A good backup is part of this data protection strategy. Data is no longer only on the central storage, but is also taken “home”. In addition, the chance of, for example, ransomware increases enormously. With the right backup solution, you not only ensure that your data can be retrieved, but you also ensure that it is not infected.


Backup off premises


How often does it happen that the backup is kept within reach of the original data? Whether this is the USB stick with the backup in the same bag as the laptop, or the backup server that hangs in the same rack as the primary data. Not everyone has access to a second location and certainly not a second location that can continue as a “Data Center”. With Back-up as a Service, there is always a copy outside the door.


Who is responsible for it?


Almost everyone finds backups difficult. If possible, they put it in the shoes of a colleague. On the other hand, no one dares to let go and place responsibility with a third party. With Back-up as a Service you determine to what extent you shift these responsibilities. In any case, we ensure that there is enough space and that the backup data is always available. In addition, we can also take care of the daily management. Even if the data remains onsite in your own data center.


Act on the expected data requirement


Five years ago you thought a phone with 16GB of storage memory was big enough to last for years to come. Nowadays 64GB is the minimum. The growth of data is going so fast and sometimes seems unpredictable, so making an estimate can be difficult. How much are you going to need this year and how much will you need in two or five years? In addition, will your data still be local next year? Or do we get everything out of “the cloud”? One thing is certain. Wherever your data is, you still need a backup. By choosing a Back-up as a Service solution, you only pay for the data that you actually store. So there is no need to invest in advance in a solution that you already know in advance is either too small or too big.


Security in uncertain times


A lot has changed with the arrival of Covid-19. Healthy companies have seen their revenues evaporate and others have seen their sales double in the first few months. For some, this means that plans are being shelved. The other has to accelerate them. Strategies have to be adapted and now IT services must cooperate flexibly so that they do not become a headache. With Back-up as a Service from Infradax you get a bit of security and flexibility.

  • You never pay too much because of the fixed price per Terabyte;
  • Backup data is safely stored in a Dutch data center;
  • Our engineers have years of experience with Backup solutions;
  • You determine the balance between control and total unburdening.

Do you want to know more about backup strategies?

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Sander Roobeek

Presales Consultant

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