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Why you pay too much for hardware support

January 14, 2015

After this alarming title I bet you are pretty curious about the answer. Or maybe you want to enjoy the bliss of ignorance a little bit longer. If you don’t want to know how hardware vendors get filthy rich of you, I suggest you look away. If you want to save up to 40% of your it budget you might want to read this.

Chances are that if you bought hardware directly of a vendor you probably also have some kind of hardware support or Service-Level agreement. Your vendor probably offered a great looking deal for the hardware support for the first three years, because they wanted to sell their hardware systems. Usually they throw in a sweet looking deal for maintenance of the hardware. For the first three years, that is. After the first three years, I bet your contactperson called or emailed you and tried to sell you a newer, better and improved hardware system. Ofcourse accompanied with a more costly and in-flexible support contract. Your support contract is now an overpriced expensive ensurance. Not to mention that the hardware support that is offered is anything but independent or objective coming form the vendor that has an advantage for that very support to only be more and more costly.

So after reading why you pay too much for your hardware support the question you surely asked yourself is: ‘What is the alternative OEM support?’. The answer is Infradax service packages we offer on three levels. We offer independent hardware support contracts that are clear and fairly priced. Our customers pay an average of 40% less than their vendor hardware support.

Do you want to know what this silver, gold or platinum level packages mean in day to day business? Click here for more information: Infradax hardware support or contact us at info@infradax.com and +31(0)33-7890033.

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