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What is converged infrastructure and why should you care?

July 8, 2015

converged infrastructure

Converged infrastructure, as the name implies, is the integration of compute, storage, networking and management into a single system that supports a solution, such as VDI or Microsoft Exchange. Since CI solutions are built on industry-standard components with common management software, the solutions are relatively easy to integrate into existing data centers, with skills that admins have already mastered.

Because CI solutions are so easily deployed, they save customers time and money. Customers do not have to undertake the extensive testing that would be required for a roll-your-own solution, ensuring that the basic elements work together. Staff time can then be reallocated to some other aspect of the project. So it’s easy to see why more customers and service providers are utilizing CI solutions.

IBM estimates that by 2017, 65 percent of enterprise applications will be deployed on CI systems.

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