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Vendor Support vs Third Party Maintenance

March 22, 2019


You always want your IT infrastructure active, preferably 24/7. It is therefore vital to have reliable support for your IT environment. Do you want to know which support best fits your IT situation? Below we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both forms of support. Is it better to purchase Vendor support or does Third Party Maintenance (TPM) fit your situation better? Infradax can support you in both forms, so it all depends on your needs.

What should you take into account? There are two things in particular that you can take into account. For example, it is valuable to have 24 × 7 support on your storage, because when it fails, your entire system is down. 9 × 5 support is sufficient for your server, because there is often a replica on another server. You can continue to work as long as it is redundant, without bothering you.

Traditional Vendor support

Vendor support is always delivered directly from the manufacturer. This only applies to hardware from the manufacturer. Defective hardware is then replaced with hardware from the Vendor. New hardware often comes with three to five years of support. After which you have to purchase new hardware or extend support for a considerable amount.

Conveniences of Vendor support

✔️ In case of defect, new parts of the Vendor;

✔️ Product specific knowledge;

✔️ Different types of standard SLAs.

Disadvantages of Vendor Support

❌ Mandatory new hardware purchases;

❌ No support on refurbished hardware;

❌ More expensive when extending support;

❌ Support is brand bound.

Third Party Maintenance (TPM) Support

Third Party Maintenance, or TPM support, is hardware support by Vendor independent companies. This is a brand-independent third party that takes care of the maintenance of your hardware. Together with our partners, we have more than 10 years of experience in supplying TPM Support throughout Europe and beyond. This is the reason that Gartner states, that 71% of the Fortune 500 companies uses TPM support.

Benefits of Third Party Maintenance

✔️ 30-70% cheaper when Vendor support is expired;

✔️ Support also for older and refurbished hardware;

✔️ Third Party Maintenance can be adjusted to your needs;

✔️ Multiple brands under one support contract with SLA;

✔️ Positive influence on the IT lifecycle.

Disadvantages of Third Party Maintenance

❌ Support is not directly arranged by the Vendor;

❌ Price for support on new hardware is higher than Vendor support;

❌ Limited softwaresupport.

Now that we summed up the advantages and the disadvantages of Vendor support and Third Party Maintenance support. You can decide what will be the best fit for your IT situation?

Do you find it important that you always have the latest hardware? Then Vendor Support could be your best fit.

Do you want to use your budget more efficiently? Would you rather have different brands under one SLA? Do you currently have older or refurbished hardware? Then Third Party Maintenance would be a good choice for you situation.

In need of Hardware support?

Whether you opt for TPM Support or Vendor Support, Infradax is happy to help you. We offer both TPM and Vendor support on top brands such as: CiscoHPeIBMDellEMCSun/Oracle en Lenovo. Do you have any questions or would you like advice for your IT infrastructure? Feel free to contact us and we will help you with the best custom solution.

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