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Datacenter Services
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Data Erasure

Your data is safe with us. When we buy your hardware, we offer free data erasure. All your data is completely erased. After everything has been cleared and tested, you will receive a data erasure confirmation from us. Does the data have to remain on location? We can also provide data erasure on-site with our Data Erasure Appliance.

Benefits of data erasure at Infradax

  • Cost-free and standard service when selling hardware;
  • Wiping is possible with certified software;
  • On-site Data Erasure is possible;
  • Meets all EU regulations for data erasure;
  • Comprehensive report and certificate at disk level.

Certified wiping

To comply with all regulations for IT security, we create a comprehensive audit trail. This complies with ISO27001, ISO15408, PCI and FISMA. For erasing all of your data, certified software can be used. For this purpose, Infradax uses Blancco as well as other software. To erase using Blancco, you pay a small additional fee per HDD.

On-site Data Erasure

The goal of Data Erasure / deleting data is to reduce the risk of data theft and to prevent high penalties or reputational damage to your company. Since data protection and privacy is the responsibility of the IT department, many customers choose not to erase the data on-site. With our Data Erasure Kit, we can easily get started in any DataCenter. This method can be applied to various storage systems, such as EMC, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, HP, NetApp, HDS and various SSD vendors.

Extensive reports

Blancco’s data erasure software is certified and delivers verifiable reports. Once the hardware is fully data-wiped, a comprehensive report is created, which complies with the regulations of data wiping. This also meets the requirements for compliance and legal audit. Reports also include information about:

  • The state of the hardware;
  • Relevant serial numbers and product labels;
  • How and by whom it was wiped.

Selling your hardware?

If your hardware no longer complies with all the requirements, we would like to buy it – whether it be servers, storage or networking. You will receive an attractive offer, so you can invest this money in new hardware. Read more about selling your hardware and our buy back / trade-in services.

Contact our IT consultant

Want to know more about the data erasure services at Infradax? Contact us today and get expert advice from our consultants. They will tell you more about our services and how we can best support you


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