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Datacenter Services
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Data Center Migration

Migrating or (temporarily) moving from a data center requires specific knowledge and expertise. At Infradax, we have specialists who handle the whole process for you. Our service will save you time and money. Based on your future IT needs, we create a design and plan to provide a completely customized migration. During the implementation, we make sure everything is running as cost-efficiently as possible.

Benefits of data migration at Infradax

  • Complete design and tailor-made planning;
  • Professional staging location in the Netherlands;
  • Risks are limited due to staging;
  • Responding to all IT needs;
  • Possible for all premium brands of hardware.

Long-term data center planning

Before your data center is migrated or moved, we create a long-term growth plan. We do this based on your business plan and future IT needs. This ensures that you will get a plan that is tailored to your business needs as the starting point.

Data Centre Staging

Infradax offers a staging location in the Netherlands specifically for various IT solutions. Here, we can configure various scenarios and solutions so that in the final IT environment risks will be excluded as much as possible. By preloading the hardware components, we can test the system extensively. As a result, errors can be minimized in the final IT infrastructure. After the data migration, you’re left with a 100% working system. We also offer other staging services:

  • Configuration preparation;
  • System evaluation;
  • Proof of concepts;
  • Burn-in and error component recognition;
  • Loading and pre-configuring of operating system.

Business continuity through expertise and staging

During the data center migration, it’s important that all business activities can continue, so your organization is not faced with unexpected problems. A good staging location and the right expertise are therefore of great importance. Expertise and opportunities are exactly what we bring to the table at Infradax. With the right resources and experience, we ensure that all business processes can continue seamlessly.

Want our specialists to handle the migration?

Would you like to learn more about our data migration services? Contact us today and we would be happy to tell you what Infradax can do for you. Whether it is a move or renovation, with our expertise and experience you get the best solution for your data center.


Get in touch for more information regarding our datacentre migration service.

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