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Buy back IT

Obsolete and redundant hardware often still has a market value. With our hardware buy back / trade in services, you can make money from this hardware, which you can then reinvest in new systems. As a buyer, we can make you an attractive buyout bid and offer you the maximum residual value for the hardware. We offer this service for servers, storage and networking. All devices are cleared and prepared for reuse as refurbished hardware.

Benefits of hardware buyout by Infradax

  • Get maximum value for your current hardware;
  • Powerful sales tool for incremental change;
  • All data is erased by certified software;
  • Moving to the cloud is easier;
  • We provide logistics and disposal of equipment;
  • Affordable with 3-year economic depreciation;
  • Expert support from our consultants.

10% goes to Meander Medical Center

When selling your hardware to Infradax, 10% of the margin at buyout goes to the Meander Medical Center in Amersfoort. By funding projects, we support innovations which improve healthcare.

Valuation of current hardware

With all the technological advances, the current hardware may soon no longer meet your needs, and hardware depreciates in value quickly. Our hardware buy back / trade in service is a great option for dealing cost-effectively with this issue. For buy-out, the age of the equipment is divided into three categories:

0-3 years: newer hardware is popular and provides a high residual value.

3-5 years: hardware depreciates, many businesses replace hardware at this point. Now is the time to sell your systems.

5+ years: older hardware has little residual value left.

Receive money for your hardware in 3 simple steps

1. Make an inventory of old hardware. If possible with invoice from the vendor. Enumeration of the type of system with specifications is sufficient;

2. Send us the specifications and specify when we can come by to decouple hardware and erase the data;

3. You will receive a competitive bid for the hardware from us within two business days.

Complete data erasure

When we buy hardware, we provide complete data erasure. This is in included in the hardware buy back / trade in service. Erasing all the data is possible with certified software such as Blancco. This can be done on-site or at our location in Amersfoort. However, there are additional costs for the erasure of the HDD. Read more about our data erasure services.

Personal advice for buy-back trade-in

Do you need help with the inventorying of your hardware or do you have questions about the buy back / trade in service? Please contact our consultants at Infradax. They will inform you immediately about the perfect moment to sell your hardware.

Please note: We do not purchase private hardware, such as computers, laptops and printers.


Get in touch for more information regarding our buy back / trade in service.

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