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Datacenter hardware

NetApp FAS2000

The NetApp FAS2000 series offers datacenter storage solutions for organizations of any size. Through integration with the cloud and virtualization, the NetApp hardware is dynamic and you're assured that all data is continuously available. The fast system supports NAS and SAN workloads with a powerful and unified architecture. The hybrid storage arrays are efficient and keep IT costs low thanks to a high performance and scalable storage. The following refurbished models of FAS2000 and their specifications can be found at Infradax:

Benefits of buying refurbished NetApp FAS2000 storage

  • Quick delivery;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Contribute to a circulair economy;
  • Independent of vendor;
  • Assessing the value of old hardware;
  • Immediately available from stock.

Ready for big data

Due to simplified maintenance and more flash storage than previous generations, NetApp hardware is very suitable for big data. The powerful and affordable IT system is an investment in the future and evolves with your business. In addition to the NetApp FAS2000 series, Infradax also offers NetApp disk shelves and storage for FAS3000 and FAS8000 series.

Refurbished NetApp storage

After we buy NetApp hardware, we renovate the whole system and make it as good as new again. We then sell the hardware at an affordable price including 12 months base warranty. This saves you a lot of money on your IT infrastructure.
Want to know the value of your old IT infrastructure? Please contact us and we will assess the value of your hardware. If the hardware still has value, we will make an attractive offer,  so you can use this money to invest in new datacenter hardware. Read more about our buy back / trade-in services.

Renting or leasing NetApp FAS2000

For temporary IT needs, it’s also possible to rent storage at Infradax. This allows you, for example, to execute a proof of concept. In addition renting the NetApp FAS2000, leasing is also a possibility. You don’t have to make a huge investment at once, but pay a fixed amount per month. By renting and leasing storage, you can get full support from Infradax. More information about rental & lease solutions.

NetApp hardware support contract

To maintain the availability of your NetApp systems, professional hardware support and maintenance are a must. With our hardware support, the full control over your IT infrastructure is maintained. At Infradax, a support contract is flexible. You will receive a service contract that suits your business and IT environment. As a basis you choose from 24/7 critical mission support or 9/5 Next Business Day support. Infradax is independent and we offer a more affordable service and rate than traditional OEM support. Read more about hardware support at Infradax.

Request a quote for NetApp FAS2000 series

Would you like to receive a quick quote for the NetApp FAS2000? Get in touch with us today and instantly receive free advice and a discounted offer for NetApp storage.