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Datacenter hardware

Lenovo Servers

For growing organizations, the Lenovo SystemX line offers high performance. The reliable Lenovo hardware ensures high availability, even in times of many changes. The versatile SystemX is ready for the cloud and can be extended with other hardware. Lenovo systems are available as rack and blade servers. Additionally, Infradax also provides tower servers and flex systems directly from stock.

Advantages of Lenovo SystemX

  • Available from stock;
  • High performance and availability;
  • Designed to lower costs;
  • Adding more hardware is possible;
  • Simple transition to cloud;
  • Consolidated management.

Reduce IT costs with SystemX

The flexible system reduces IT costs significantly through compliance, simple management and enhanced storage solutions. Lenovo SystemX is suitable for organizations of any size and x86 servers offer support for Linux, Windows and virtualization.

Refurbished or new hardware?

At Infradax, you will find refurbished hardware and new retail systems. The advantage of refurbished hardware is that the price is much more affordable. This hardware is pre-owned and completely refurbished by us – making it like new again. The price for new Lenovo SystemX hardware is higher, but at Infradax we also offer a competitive price for new hardware. As a buyer, we are interested in buying your old IT environment. The residual value of these can be invested in the renewal of the IT environment. Read more about our buy back / trade-in services.

Flexible IT support for full control

The IT environment is of great importance for business continuity. In case of emergencies, business processes can come to a halt. With professional IT support you can avoid these situations. At Infradax, you can easily close a service contract that suits your organization. In case of a crash, we handle immediately and get an engineer or spare parts on-site. Business processes will then soon be resumed. You can choose from 24/7 critical mission support and 9/5 Next Business Day support. Read more about professional IT support from Infradax.

Contact the IT consultant

Have questions about the Lenovo SystemX line? Please contact our consultants and get expert advice on which system is best for your company, and which solution suits your current or new IT infrastructure. You can also request a free quote from our IT consultant.