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Datacenter hardware

IBM Flash Storage

For larger data storage, IBM Flash storage is an efficient solution. The hardware increases performance and helps lower IT costs. The system offers solutions for thin provisioning, virtualization, real-time compression and tiering. The hardware is also scalable and easy to manage. The Flash storage from IBM is suitable for companies of any size, and perfectly complements IBM Flash Systems, Storwize and Flash. At Infradax, you can rent or buy models of the following series:

The benefits of purchasing IBM Flash Storage from Infradax

  • Fast delivery;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Immediate quotation in your inbox;
  • Independent from vendor;
  • Value attribution to old hardware;
  • Immediately available from stock.

Storage of daily-use applications

Thanks to the extremely secure IBM Flash storage, all your daily application data is easy to use and can be analysed in real-time. With IBM Flash storage, your IT infrastructure also becomes cloud-ready. In addition, flash memory require little physical space and consumes little energy. As a result, you can keep your IT costs down.

Prefer new or refurbished IBM Flash storage?

Infradax offers high quality IBM Flash storage at low prices. As a buyer of hardware, we completely renew all the systems we buy. Refurbished IBM Flash storage is significantly more inexpensive than new storage. In addition to refurbished hardware, we also sell new retail hardware. As an independent supplier, we offer storage solutions at more competitive prices in comparison to traditional vendors. We are also happy to take your old IT environment off your hands. We can make you an attractive offer. Feel free to contact us an we will assign a value to your hardware. Read more about our buy back / trade-in services.

Renting or leasing IBM Flash storage

If you require a short-term IT solution, you may also opt to rent IBM storage. Rental is also ideal as a proof of concept. You can already rent our Flash systems starting from one week to half a year. If you’re looking at the long-term, we also offer lease options. If you decide to lease our hardware, you won’t be required to make a significant investment up front but will pay a fixed amount per month. In other words, high-quality storage from top brands at competitive prices. Read more about the Infradax rental and lease solutions.

Infradax IT support

As a seller and lessor of hardware, we also provide full IT support. Regardless of brand. You may choose from 24/7 critical mission support or 9/5 Next Business Day support. With professional support and regular maintenance, you will maintain full control over your storage and your IT infrastructure remain running at all times. Moreover, in the event of emergencies we will immediately take action. With our 24/7 support option, we will send an engineer to your office within 4 hours. With the 9/5 Next Business Day support option, we will provide you spare parts as early as the next day. Read more about Infradax IT support.

Request quotation for IBM Flash storage

Want a fast quotation for the IBM Flash storage? Contact us today and we will provide you with free advice and send you competitive offer for the Flash storage you require.