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Datacenter hardware

IBM Servers

A server that processes a lot of data in a short time is the IBM servers. These servers are available in different forms. The system offers solutions for thin provisioning, virtualisation real-time compression and tiering. The devices are also scalable and easy to manage. The IBM server is suitable for companies of any size. And is perfect as an addition to IBM X Systems and IBM Power Systems. At Infradax you can rent or buy the models from the following lines:

Advantages of buying servers at Infradax

  • Quick delivery;
  • Competitive prices;
  • Receive a quote in your inbox instantly;
  • Assessing the value of old hardware;
  • Independent of vendor;
  • Immediately available from stock.

IBM Power Systems en IBM System X

IBM has different lines for servers. These are Power Systems and System X. Look per line which devices best suit your IT needs. The hardware is for companies of all sizes. You have a choice of entry models and models for midrange and enterprise

Buying hardware at Infradax

As a supplier, we are independent of vendors. We therefore offer you competitive prices for new retail IBM Servers. At Infradax, you can also buy refurbished IT hardware. This is certified pre-owned hardware that has been completely renovated and is therefore as good as new. On this hardware, Infradax offers a 12-month warranty. This refurbished hardware is more affordable than new rack servers. You can sell your old IT environment to us. As a buyer, Infradax makes you an attractive offer. More about buy back / trade-in of IT hardware.

Renting or leasing servers?

If you temporarily need a server, for example for a proof of concept, you can also rent the hardware. This may be from a week up to 6 months. If you don’t want to make a large purchase, leasing is an excellent option. You will pay per month for a period of 3 years. Read more about rental & lease solutions.

Full support with IBM rack server

For new, refurbished and rented hardware, it is also possible to close a support contract. You’ll be covered with professional support and the IBM servers and the rest of the IT infrastructure will also remain constantly available. In case of emergencies, we take action immediately. Read more about IT support at Infradax.

Request a quote for an IBM Servers

Receive a quote for IBM servers? Get in touch with us today and instantly receive free advice and an affordable offer.