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Datacenter hardware


IBM hardware is known for its advanced infrastructure. The integrated systems are fast, efficient and extremely economical. IBM offers the perfect solution for servers and storage and includes real-time compression, virtualization, automated tiering and thin provisioning. Save money on IBM hardware at Infradax. We offer new and refurbished hardware for the most affordable prices.

Benefits of IBM hardware

  • High system performance, low cost;
  • Equipped with best security;
  • Reliable, high quality hardware;
  • Advanced infrastructure;
  • Platform for mobile and cloud, among others;
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Refurbished IBM hardware

With refurbished hardware you save money. These systems are refurbished, extensively tested and as good as new – from a single hard drive to a complete system. Come to Infradax for the highest quality equipment for your business or client. Pre-owned hardware is much cheaper than new systems, while still offering the same high quality. Save up to 70% on used hardware. Infradax is an authorized reseller of certified refurbished IBM hardware and offers a standard 12-month warranty.

Trade-in servers, storage and networking hardware

When you replace servers, storage or other hardware, it is a viable option to sell your current devices to Infradax, earning you money for your old hardware. We ensure that all data (certified) is deleted. The residual value of the hardware can be invested in new equipment, but can also make it easier for you to transition to the cloud. Learn more about hardware trade-in.

IBM sub-brands

IBM offers a wide range of innovative systems. IBM System X, IBM blade servers, rack servers, tower servers and IBM Power Systems are sub-brands that are made according to customer requirements. IBM also offers innovative storage, such as tape storage (TS3500) and disk storage (Storwize, XIV and DS8000). Because of this, IBM hardware is optimized for businesses of any size.

Sustainable IT infrastructure with support contract

For continuous availability of servers and storage, Infradax offers professional support and maintenance. With our support, you keep complete control over the infrastructure and IBM hardware. The support contract is fully customized based on company size and grows with you. This ensures a sustainable infrastructural life cycle of the hardware.

Personal advice from specialists

For personal and professional advice, the consultants at Infradax are happy to assist you. Our specialists tell you exactly which server, storage or networking best fits your company or client. You will also get advice on what support contract and flexible solution is functionally feasible for your IT infrastructure.