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Datacenter hardware


An IT infrastructure with HP hardware combines different solutions and technologies into one. This creates a set of servers and storage that provide more success for your organization. An IT environment that is safe, mobile friendly and ready for the cloud. At Infradax, we offer HP ProLiant Servers and HP Disk Storage. Read more information about these products:

Benefits of HP Hardware

  • Safe and efficient IT environment;
  • Cloud-enabled and mobile-friendly;
  • Flexible, fast and scalable;
  • Promotes productivity;
  • Full IT support possible.

Powerful and fast infrastructure

HP storage is scalable so that it can grow with your company or client. In addition, the system is efficient and you can quickly access all the data. The powerful servers easily converge with other systems, so you get a complete and integrated infrastructure.

Competitive price for retail and refurbished hardware

High quality HP hardware at a competitive price can be found at Infradax. We offer retail and refurbished hardware. For new systems, we are also the more affordable choice compared to premium brand vendors. Refurbished IT Hardware is even more affordable. This hardware has been bought by us and is completely renovated, making the HP hardware as good as new. Because it concerns pre-owned systems, we offer a very low price for high quality hardware – plus, you get a standard 12-month warranty. As a buyer, we can assess the value of your old servers, storage or networking. We would love to make you an attractive offer. Read more about our buy back / trade-in services.

Lease and rental options

Rental or leasing hardware is possible at Infradax. These high quality systems can be rented for as little as one week and are ideal for temporary IT needs or proof of concept. Leasing is good if you want high quality HP hardware, but don’t want to make a large investment. You pay a fixed amount per month for a period of 3 years. When you rent or lease our hardware, we also provide professional IT support.

Flexible IT support contract

Periodic maintenance and IT support are necessary for a continuously available IT environment, also ensuring complete control over the hardware. In case of emergencies, we can take action quickly. Infradax support contracts can be tailored to your needs so that they grow with your organization. As a basis you choose from 24/7 critical mission support or 9/5 Next Business Day support. Read more about the benefits of IT support of Infradax.

Contact our IT consultant

To select the HP hardware that meets all operational requirements, our consultants are at your service. They can tell you exactly which HP hardware suits your company or client and in addition, they give you advice on flexible solutions and professional IT support.