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Datacenter hardware

EMC VNXe serie

The power of the VNX series, suitable only for smaller and medium-sized environments, That's what the EMC VNXe series is created for. The affordable entry-level storage is very efficient and comes with a hybrid and unified architecture, while the software is easy to manage and provides excellent security. Read more details and information about the EMC VNXe models available at Infradax:

Benefits of the EMC VNX serie

  • Storage for small and medium-sized environments;
  • Combination of simplicity and efficiency;
  • Energy-efficient hardware;
  • Cloud-ready and flexible hybrid flash;
  • Flexible solution for big data;
  • Full IT support possible.

Efficient storage at an affordable price

In terms of price, the EMC storage is ideal for small organizations. In addition to all the before-mentioned benefits, the VNXe consolidates file efficient data and block data, and provides hardware solutions for NAS and SAN. With VNXe3100, 3200 or 3300, you get powerful storage and you can quickly access all your business details.

Reduce costs with refurbished storage

The EMC VNXe series is available as refurbished hardware at Infradax, and comes with a 12-month warranty. This is used storage which has been renovated by us and is now as good as new. However, you pay much less compared to retail hardware. Infradax is also the place for new EMC storage. We offer competitive prices for all hardware. And do you want to sell your old IT environment? Let us know, and we will assess the value of your system, so that we can make you an offer. Read more about our buy back / trade-in services.

IT support for full control

With EMC storage such as the VNXe series, Infradax also provides full IT support, so you’re ensured that the systems remain continuously available and periodic maintenance is performed. As a basis, you choose 24/7 support or 9/5 Next Business Day support. These service contracts are flexible and completely adaptable to your specific needs. In case of emergencies, we take immediate action so that business activities can quickly be resumed. Read more about IT support at Infradax.

Advice from an IT consultant

Have questions about the EMC VNXe serie? Please contact our consultants and get expert advice on which system is best for your company client, and which solution suits your current or new IT infrastructure. Or request a quote now!