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Datacenter hardware

Dell EMC

Whatever needs your business has, with Dell EMC storage you will meet all the requirements. Dell EMC equipment allows you to switch quickly and delivers high performance. Dell EMC provides solutions for data storage, virtualization, cloud computing and information security. The modular architecture is scalable and integrates all hardware. At Infradax you can buy Dell EMC storage and backup at an affordable price.

Benefits of Dell EMC hardware

  • Powerful IT hardware;
  • Combination of simplicity and efficiency;
  • Energy-efficient hardware;
  • Reduces capacity by up to 50%;
  • Flexible solution for big data;
  • Full support possible.

VNX, Data Domain and CLARiiON

You can rent and buy Dell EMC hardware at Infradax. We offers all lines of Dell EMC, such as Dell EMC VNX(e) with full flash, Data Domain and the Dell EMC CLARiiON series. Using this hardware, it is possible to reduce capacity needs by up to 50%. The VNX(e) line is perfect for smaller organizations in terms of budget and provides a platform for file and block storage. VNXe also makes unified storage easier for big data. For safe and fast backup, Dell EMC Data Domain offers the perfect solution. This efficient network-based model is the golden standard for disk-based backup appliances.

Refurbished Dell EMC hardware

High quality Dell EMC refurbished hardware can be found at Infradax. The equipment is as good as new, saving you money you would otherwise spend on new equipment of the same quality. In fact, the pre-owned Dell EMC hardware is up to 70% cheaper than new systems. We have completely refurbished and tested the pre-owned hardware. You get a standard 12-months warranty on Dell EMC storage.

Trade-in storage, servers and networking

Selling your current hardware is easy at Infradax. We make an attractive offer, so you can earn money with the old equipment. This residual value can be used to purchase new hardware. Learn more about hardware trade-in.

Support contract for Dell EMC hardware

Besides buying or renting hardware, we also offer professional Dell EMC hardware support, which allows the IT infrastructure to remain online continuously and to get support for maintenance from expert engineers. Good maintenance can ensure high availability of storage. With professional support and a support contract from Infradax you keep complete control over your IT environment while the infrastructure grows with the organization.

Tailored advice from professional consultants

Each environment and organization is different. To select the hardware that meets all operational requirements, our consultants are at your service. They tell you exactly which Dell EMC hardware suits your company or client. In addition, they give you advice on flexible solutions and professional support. Infradax ensures that your IT infrastructure is ready for the future.