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Dell hardware stands for simplicity, flexibility and capacity. With big data and mobile developments, you need flexible hardware and an IT environment that grows with your business. In addition, you also want to keep IT costs as low as possible. Dell hardware provides server and storage solutions with their product lines PowerEdge Servers and EqualLogic storage. At Infradax, you can find systems of these lines with all specifications:

Benefits of Dell hardware

  • Secure system for effective management;
  • Optimizes productivity;
  • Easy to manage hardware;
  • Designed based on customer needs;
  • Full support possible.

High performance hardware from Dell

Dell servers are available as stand-alone towers, rack servers, blade servers and 19″ racks. The PowerEdge line provides continuous availability, so that the productivity of your business goes up. With accelerated workloads and integrated management, intelligent Dell hardware ensures high performance. In addition to servers, Dell also has storage hardware. The EqualLogic storage provides efficient and secure storage that saves a lot of space.

Retail and refurbished IT hardware

The Dell hardware from Infradax is available both new and refurbished. For new systems, we offer you a competitive price. If you would like to save even more, then choose pre-owned hardware. Refurbished hardware has been bought by us and is completely renovated, so it’s as good as new again. The quality is equal to new hardware, only the price is much lower, making it a great option to save costs on IT. Refurbished hardware also comes with a standard 12-month warranty. Infradax can buy up your old IT environment. Read more about our buy back / trade-in services.

Rent or lease Dell hardware

Renting or leasing of Dell hardware is possible at Infradax. Renting is a great option when you have temporary IT needs. Leasing is a great choice when you do not want to make a large investment. You pay us a fixed amount per month and receive the high quality Dell systems. Rental and leasing are both possible with Infradax IT support.

Professional IT support with service contract

An IT support contract for Dell hardware can be closed easily and inexpensively at Infradax. You adapt the service contract to the specific needs of your company’s IT infrastructure. As a basis you choose from 24/7 critical mission support or 9/5 Next Business Day support. In case of trouble you get professional support and are operational again as soon as possible. Your hardware receives periodic maintenance, extending your IT life cycle. Learn more about flexible IT support contracts from Infradax.

Contact our IT consultant

Each environment and organization is different. To select the Dell hardware that meets all operational requirements, our consultants are at your service. They can tell you exactly which Dell hardware suits your company or client and in addition, they give you advice on flexible solutions and professional support. Contact us today.