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Keep working on the cloud

A work environment in the cloud is a powerful production tool. However, it must be managed well. Just as no cloud in the sky is the same, the best or the most beautiful, no ideal cloud solution exists either. The IT infrastructure needs to be set up and constantly adjusted according to the changing needs of your organisation. With Infradax’s flexible Cloud Services you can have this done for you. You can (fully) outsource taxing IT management peaks and keep things manageable.

Benefits of cloud computing

Some major advantages of cloud computing include online accessibility – always and everywhere – and its flexible and predictable costs. You only pay when you use it. Therefore, there is no need to invest in hardware beforehand. Anyone who has an Internet-enabled device can open applications in the cloud, from any location. The amount of available space is unlimited. So no one has to worry about capacity anymore.

Working in the cloud with Infradax

As the provider of your cloud (public, private or hybrid), Infradax ensures that your IT infrastructure is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. You decide how to use the cloud and with which applications. We provide a manageable and scalable IT infrastructure. And with our Cloud Services, you can also determine which parts of the management and maintenance workload you want to carry or outsource. Of course we can advise you about this, tailored to the needs of your organisation.

In addition to our Basic Services, you can use our more extensive Proactive Services (the most popular package) or the even more comprehensive Managed Services.


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