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Proactive service

Profit from proactive management

Are you busy with IT management and putting out fires while you actually want to focus on the growth of your business? The (partial) outsourcing of management activities is the solution for you. With Infradax’s Proactive Services, we almost completely unburden you from IT infrastructure management and maintenance. In addition, we also prevent problems (with proactive management) because it is better to be safe than sorry.

Always the desired support

Quickly embracing new technologies is often easier said than done. Especially if you mainly rely on existing knowledge and experience in your organisation to apply the new techniques right away. This is why organisations increasingly choose to outsource technical management and maintenance so that they can spend time and energy on growth and business innovations.

With our Proactive Services, we take over daily operation, application and infrastructure monitoring, and quick trouble shooting. This has proven to be the ideal support for many organisations. We also offer the opportunity to get increased (Managed Services) or decreased (Basic Services) fixed support, and to scale up or down between these packages.

Benefits of Proactive Services

  • We will completely unburden you from your IT infrastructure care
  • Your team can fully focus on new developments and projects
  • Time and cost savings
  • More time for business management
  • Pay per use
  • Single point of contact

This is how our proactive management works

Through proactive management we offer your organisation continuity for the IT infrastructure, without worry or effort. We proactively ensure that the working environment functions optimally and perfectly aligns with your business operations. After all, that continues to develop.

For the periodic management, we will agree upon a fixed number of hours per month. All maintenance and management will be carried out during that time. Only in the case of serious and unforeseen calamities, that require extra effort, will it be possible to deviate from the fixed hours. We will, of course, always do that in consultation with you. The fixed number of hours is based on the number of servers, offices of your organisation and the complexity of the network. If those factors change, the number of hours can be adjusted. That is how we stay agile. Wherever possible, work will also be done remotely.

Our Proactive Services can be executed on different parts of the IT infrastructure. Our management calculator allows you to estimate the required time necessary for the following components:

  • Server and storage management
  • Network management
  • Application management (technical and functional)
  • Voice

Want to learn more about our Proactive Services?

Would you like to know more about our Proactive Services capabilities for your IT infrastructure? Please feel free to direct all your questions to our specialists.


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