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Cisco stops supporting your Catalyst 3750 / 3560 switch. Now what?

January 23, 2015

cisco 3750

Cisco will stop supporting your Catalyst 3750 or 3560 switches from July 2015 onwards. The same switches they told you would run at least 20+ years. Our guess is that your Catalyst 3750 or 3560 switches are only around 5 years in use. Does the end of this Cisco support means you will have no choice but to invest in new, expensive switches? We bet Cisco would love to make you think that. Before you run off and fall right into this costly scheme, ask yourself this question ‘am I going to replace my current switches because of technical requirements, because I need 1GB ports instead of 10/100 ports? Or am I going to replace them only because Cisco doesn’t offer the support anymore?’.

So, how do you make sure you don’t waste your budget on unnecessary new switches? Research your alternative maintenance solution. No, wait. We already did that for you and Infradax offers independent third party maintenance hardware support and in case you do need more capacity, we also deliver refurbished or new switches. This will result in lower Capex or at least a delay of it. And isn’t that worth the email to hello@infradax.com or the phonecall to +(0)33 7890033? Yes, we thought so…

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