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Back-up, redundancy and a disaster recovery plan for your data– is it really necessary and why?

January 8, 2016


When a customer asks you if it is really that necessary to have a backup plan for your data, or redundancy… what would be your answer? Right, maybe it’s time to have an overview in a nutshell. Secure your data wisely.  

As a company sooner or later your data is at risk, or worse, you lose a part or even all your data by a disaster. Let us define disasters, this can mean fire, floods, and in some countries hurricanes and tornado’s. It always sounds like something that won’t happen to you but if you are realistic, it’s a pretty likely scenario nowadays. A good backup strategy is crucial in your IT infrastructure today.  Just think about the fact that over 50% of the companies struck by a disaster were unsuccessful to recover their data. Or the fact that 90% of the companies struck by a disaster had to shut down within two years. Of course disasters like these are not the only cause for data loss. Other causes on the list are:
– Accidental deletion (30%)
– Clumsy employees (28%)
– Viruses (22%)
– Application errors (30%)

The effects on the continuity of your business are disastrous. For that reason it is recommended to take the time to make a decent analysis to get everything clear and visible. Things like: what data and applications have to get back online and working first? What does downtime really cost you or your client? How long can your company be down and still operational? When you answer these questions you can make a good backup plan, how to be redundant the most efficiently and how to recover from a disaster fast.

Making a self-analysis also gives you the opportunity to clean out your closets of your IT infrastructure. Organize your data and tighten your processes and procedures. When you have transparent how your IT department operates, you can make sure it does so the most efficient and enables you to set up a decent backup and disaster recovery plan without wasting your money.

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